$200,000 for a bad weekend?

SaveJulian.com is a website dedicated to documenting a $200,000 monetary demand made by an attorney with disabilities against 67 small businesses in a small, historic mountain community after he visited the town one weekend and encountered difficulty getting into some of the shops. 

We understand this attorney intends to use this "blanketing" tactic in other communities, and has already done so elsewhere; accordingly, this site is dedicated to documenting what some have characterized as brazen, unmitigated greed and others as a legitimate use of California's litigation system.  You decide.

Julian is a small, historic community with many buildings which are over 100 years old.  The main street is filled with small craft stores, bakeries and western shops.  This charming town is known for its delicious apples-- whether in pies, ciders, juices or raw-- and has only about 300 residents.

Very few lawsuits are filed here-- most residents can't even remember the last one that was filed.  Generally, people go out of their way to help one another, especially those with disabilities.  While most shop owners will not have an expert knowledge of the Americans with Disabilities Act, they'll jump to assist anyone who might need a little help getting around or accomplishing their objectives.

In late 2003 Julian and the areas around Julian were devastated by the infamous Cedar Fire, which destroyed over 273,246 acres around the town and 2,232 homes.  While downtown Julian was only evacuated for a little less than a week, tourism declined sharply for months to come.  The town had only begun to recover from a 2001 fire when this catastrophe struck.
If you would like to see the 33 page demand table this attorney prepared (he called it the "payment table") in which he made a chart of each business and how much money he wanted them to pay him, please click the icon to the left.  The only change we have made to the document was to remove the name of the businesses, because we think they have suffered enough.  This identical document may still be visible at: pinnockwakefieldlaw.com.

If you would like to see the memo he posted on his website-- shortly before Thanksgiving 2005, whereby his demand increased with each passing day over the Thanksgiving 2005 holiday, please click the icon to the right =>

Of course, he had to know he was communicating with non-lawyers in most cases, and that these people might have difficulty finding qualified legal counsel over the Thanksgiving holiday; given the limited financial resources in this community, many questioned whether these tactics were designed so that they would make settlement payments without consulting attorneys to avoid the daily increases.

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